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    HMatte - HFlatMatte - HImageEffectMatte - etc

      Hello all,

      I want to display an image in an xlet, that gradually disappears (e.g. like a fade-out, disappear line per line,...). My only two leads here are http://www.mhp-interactive.org/tutorial/mhp/video-graphics-integration.shtml (two thumbs up for the tutorial by the way) and http://www.itl.nist.gov/div895/cmr/dase/apps/stockticker.html (where some xlet supposedly uses the setMatte function to render some text to 40% opacity - although the screenshot at the top of the page just shows a 100% opacity blue text on white background).

      You've guessed it by now: I'm stuck. I first tried something on the Philips SilverBox: it did not work, and no error appeared. I then tried it on the Philips DSR5600, and there it generated an error (with HMatteException message being "null" - what a great help!). I do not seem to understand how this Matte-stuff ought to be used to get any results.

      Is there anyone out there who tried and/or succeeded using setMatte(...). If the whole idea of using Matte for this thing seems awkward to any of you, you may always point out the better thing to use.