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    Interactive TV Application with OCAP

      Hello here we wanted to develop an Interactive TV Application using OCAP. If anyone of you is aware i wanted to know what entities do we need to design such an Application.

      Entities Like: -
      Set Top Box/emulator
      Object Carousal
      Authoring Tool
      Transport Stream [Application, Object Carousal, Data Stream or a set of Data Streams ]

      The basic aim is ofcourse to know how do we load the Xlet on the TV and how do we get back the response termed as return channel.

      I wanted to know how this whole operation takes place logically in the real world and then how it would take place on a development environment(using PC).

      logically I understand we would would need a streams like Audio/Video, use Object Carousal, Service Information, Application signalling, Private data Steams and stream events (all of them are not necessary ofcourse) - use mulltiplexers to compress them if I may use this term and then send it on a transport stream.

      --------Sreams----> Multiplxers-----> TransportStream--------->[transmit using any of the 4 ways of Transmission]

      finally received by the STB

      4 ways of transmission
      1) Cable
      2) Satellite
      3) IP over a LAN or Ethernet
      4) Terrestrial.

      and finally all of it would be received by a STB. The Signal will be decoded by the and we'll again use Multiplexers to seperate the streams and some of it will tell the STB to load the Xlet and it will be displayed on the TV.

      Then when you select an option on the TV - and I am not aware if we will be able to send Audio and Video but atleast we can send text and i suppose it will be again transmitted through the transport stream.

      Guys whatever little you may like to add to my knowledge or confim - I appreciate

      I have tried to leave no ambiguity atleast in the sense that i did not use and etc or ... haha

      Thanks and Regards.
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          I imagine none of us has come across this issue to date; that makes me feel a little better. I hope i will decode this mistery and be your Sensei.

          Thanks and Regards.
          Ratibayo S@n9 wont loose to anyone.
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            Why not look at the addres; http://www.avalpa.com/the-key-values/15-free-software/33-opencaster

            Open caster is completely FREE and open source TS data, DSM-CC Carousel (MHP and MHEG5) generator software.It probably work with OCAP as well.

            Have a look at aventuri's post as well;

            You may write Mr. Aventuri or Mr. Pallara about software.Contact info is,

            Have chance in your project.
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              thank Macikak for the wonderful intro.

              yes, we do work on interactive tv services since 2004 in Europe and we know very well the MHP and MHEG5 scene.

              OCAP is the same or similar stuff, so our free (as freedom) open source technologies like OpenCaster should apply there too, albeit i see it as a closed walled garden of the cable network operators..

              i'm too frequently hanging around here since 2005 but i didn't answer to S@n9 post as i wasn't very clear on the posted questions. We do sell consultancy and professional services over our technologies but here i see more a need for some "high level" focus group on what purpose interactive tv is going to serve for.

              the best that i think of is to carefully sip the basics from [the Morris Web site|http://interactivetvweb.org/].

              that's a great way to shift for ideas to technologies. anyway, i'm always available for more info and details about our value proposition


              Andrea Venturi
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                Hi Macikak thanks a lot i could not resist appreciating your contribution although you made me feel like i did not even do the basic task of looking for what i needed in the first place.

                This subject is still open whoever of you likes you can still contribute.

                bye Macikak