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    application launcher/manager


      I'm trying to build an application (MHP) that manages other applications as an appManager.
      I inherited the code from a former colleague and am a bit lost.
      Does anyone have some tips for completing this thing?
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          Hi There,
          Do you have any specific doubts/questions?
          We don't know what you inherited and what problems you are facing. Please provide some more information and we will try if we could offer any help.
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            Take Fountain.

            OK, apologies to Bette Davis, but do you have a specific question? I could point you to an example of using IXC and the org.dvb app management API in the HD cookbook site - if that's relevant, grep around the repository for "org.dvb.application" and "IxcRegistry". You should find the cookbook monitor xlet pretty quickly, and that does some of the things one might wish for an MHP app manager.
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              The problem I'm having is that I enherited an 'appManager'-Xlet from my former colleague and something goes wrong when this manager Xlet kills the 'active' app to then start the new app.
              It is a launcher of some sorts.
              And I'm trying to understand why the first appStateChange (=killing the active app) fails and then messes up my entire application management logic.
              So anything about appStateChanges and such is welkom.
              Perhaps if you provide me with with the url to HD cookbook I can find something there.

              Thanx for all the response so far :)

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                Well, the HD cookbook stuff is https://hdcookbook.dev.java.net, but the monitor app is only a very small part of what's there.