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      Hi everyone.

      I've been thinking about developing a simple MHP IDE, at least to create the most graphical part of the application, and get it ready to add some extra functions. I thought about a GPL or BSD license.

      What do you think? Anyone interested?
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          Hi Zuarko,

          A GUI builder for the GRIN scene graph would be a really valuable addition that I'd love to see, and I'd be happy for me and my team to work together with you to bring it about.

          GRIN only really depends on PBP, so it's a great fit for MHP, OCAP and BD-J. Indeed, we'll be showing it running on the OCAP simulator soon. It's also highly extensible, so extension that take advantage of hardware features, like more advanced graphics support, could be added in relatively painlessly. More about GRIN at https://hdcookbook.dev.java.net/grin.html .

          About licenses, I'm partial to BSD myself -- that's what cookbook uses, with one small addition: The normal BSD license looks like it can be interpreted to mean that the end-user must be able to see the license text, e.g. by clicking an "about" box, or in user documentation. Either would be silly for TV applications, so we added text that basically says the requirement around redistribution of the license text is fulfilled by just putting a copy of the .txt file somewhere, like in the JAR file or in the object carousel.


          Bill Foote
          Blu-ray Java and Authoring Architect
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            Well that looks like a great idea. I've been only working on e-administration MHP, and BD-J it's something I've been thinking about for a while this looks like the right time to study it.

            I'll take a look at the BD-J basics and a to GRIN... Hope can get it easily.