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    Beginning Java TV

      I just jumped into java TV technology and will be happy to explore its potential but i can seem to get a solid tutorial
      which i can use for starters.
      Can anyone point me in the best direction for a newbie. most of the articles i found were written back in 1999
      i thought there should be some more recent one somewhere
      can anyone help?
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          Here is some places where you can find cool documetation about Java TV and MHP:

          [http://www.interactivetvweb.org/ |http://www.interactivetvweb.org/ ] (the web of Interactive TV Standards book)

          [ http://www.mhp.org/|http://www.mhp.org/] (MHP especifications documents)

          [http://www.mhp-knowledgebase.org/|http://www.mhp-knowledgebase.org/] <http://www.mhp-knowledgebase.org/>(applications examples, forum ...)

          also pdf tutorial

          Aitor Peña