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    Anybody using AltiSynchro playout?


      I work developing MHP application for interactive TV, I don´t know if this is the right place to post my question because it has more relationship with hardware than with java programming but I don´t any other. What I wanted to know if it is someone using AltiSynchro playout for testing applications, and if the answer is affirmative how does he/she configure the playout to run Stream Events. I have read all the documentation and I don´t manage to configure properly

      thansk in advanced
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          this question is very focused on a single product so i hope not to be too off topic here suggesting a different one (otherwise you can skip this post) but i believe it's better one post more then one less (as this forum is not that busy..)

          that said, if you need a carousel doing stream event "do it now" for MHP applications you can try [OpenCaster.|http://www.avalpa.com/component/content/article/12-newsflash/35-opencaster-ver10-release-today-2062008] .

          There's also a properly written manual with some demo xlet and config.

          Btw it's free (as freedom) too..

          hope that helps.


          andrea venturi
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            I didn´t know anything about this playout sistem, the system that we use is of the Alticast Korean company, but anyway thank you very much for the information

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