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    Xlet w/ parameters

      I guess if its possible to initialize a new xlet sending parameters via context, e.g. sending a color for the elements background or the name of a file.
      how will this be send/read?

      if any one could help or redirect to an older threat I may not have read

      thanks in advance

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          Not at the moment. With xletview you can pass only two arguments by command line.
          xletPath, the path to the xlet location and xletClass, the name of the xlet class file.
          What i do is to create a cheat code file where I put all the porperties I want to customize. The xlet reads this file in the initXlet() method.
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            If your question is just about how those parameters are defined and passed to the Xlet, the parameters will either be provided in the signaling information (AIT or XIAT [in OCAP]) or can be passed from another Xlet if the app is being started through an AppProxy.

            And yes, these parameters are very useful for that sort of thing. You can also get the application's app id and org id from the XletContext parameters and that can be quite useful as well.

            Hope that helps...

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              First thanks for sharing all the expert knowledge to the community. I appreciate your help.

              How would you specify multiple-xlet-parameters in the XAIT? Any input is greatly appreciated.
              I mean how do you separate param1 from param2, if i have to define two xlet parameters.

              Thank you.