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    Communication among xlets


      I'm facing on a big problem about the intercomunication amongs xlets.
      I've implemented an xlet as a sort of launcher for other xlet and i can run any xlet present in the database but when I exit from them, they're in a destroyed mode and obvious i can run it again.
      Can somebody help me to understand how i can reload the xlet, or if there is a smart way to call other xlets in order to enter and exit from them more then once?
      (All the xlets can only exit in DESTROYED mode)

      Here the code I've used:
       public void startXlet() throws XletStateChangeException {
                 appXlet = new AppID(7, 6);
                  theDatabase = AppsDatabase.getAppsDatabase();
                  if (theDatabase != null) {
                      proxyXlet = theDatabase.getAppProxy(appXlet);
      public void userEventReceived(UserEvent event) {
             if (event.getCode() == HRcEvent.VK_COLORED_KEY_1) {
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          I suposse you're testing it in a real environment, with a STB and some applications.

          Other thing you can do is to use a for sentence to see all the apps database and find the one which has the name you put, and then, run it. It won't have anyproblem this way, I used it and worked fine.
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            Yes I'm using a real STB and 3 application. One is my small launcher where i show the applicationA and the applicationB and their state. Here I can run one of two. Suppose we want to launch applicationA, it works then we get inside it and after a while I decide to exit and I come back to the mini-launcher, at this point i want to run the applicationA once again but i can't (the applicationA is in the destroyed mode). What I'm missing?
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              Do you call both destroyXlet() method and notifyDestroyed() method of the context objecto?

              I would try to use lots of System.out.println to see the different states of variables and the apps in the database.