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    Locator problem


      In my previous posts, I think I didn't introduce myself. Well, I'm Tilemahos. I'm a programmer and musician too and I would like to make a turn to BD Authoring.

      I tried to make an application (xlet), that runs and plays an HDMV Playlist. I saw that mr. Bill does it (in the HD Cookbook), by implementing org.bluray package and using BDLocator. Since I've tried to find org.bluray package and I couldn't manage to do so, is there any other way of locating an HDMV Playlist and playing it through javax.media.Player or another kind of player? I've read that mr. Bill said that there is a way of doing so, with javax.tv.locator.LocatorFactory.createLocator(). I tried and I couldn't make it neither. Can I have an example pls?
      My second question is that when I try to call an HDMV Playlist using a bd format url, is it a string like this ("bd://0.PLAYLIST:00013.MARK:00000")?
      And my last question. I've read that when you try to display something with an xlet, background must have a movie because otherwise it won't produce nothing, but a black screen. Is it right or I have translated it in a wrong way?

      I'm on a little hurry, so any post - answer, would be appreciated.