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      According to the 3gpp spec 23.040 SM-TL (Short Message Transfer Layer) comrises of 6 different types of PDU. For example:
      SMS-SUBMIT PDU to send a SMS,
      SMS-DELIVER for incomming SMS,
      SMS-DELIVER-REPORT for delivery report of the sent SMS.
      But WMA specification does not provide any interface to the developer to send and receive different type of PDUs.

      SMS-SUBMIT PDU contains TP-UD (TP-User-Data). WMA spec does not allow the developer to set the TP-UD. It allows only to set the payload (which is a part of TP-UD). TP-UD can contain only short message itself or a header in addition to the short message. In case of Java ME, WMA itself creates the header part (it includes the IE "Application port addressing scheme, 16 bit address" and IE "Concatenated short messages, 8-bit reference number" (if any)). It does not provide any option to the developer to create the whole TP-UD and set the header part.

      We are trying to come up with one SMS application in which we use different IEs. For this we need to set the header part in TP-UD. Can you please provide me some information about how to do it.

      If the developer can not set the header part then I would like to know if there is any way to send AT commands (e.g AT+CMSG command) to the modem through JavaME.