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    XT65/XT75 as a GPS tracker

      Hi guys,
      First of all, sorry about my poor english.
      Me and few friends of mine are trying to make gps tracking system, the server is OpenGTS (done.) and accept opendmtp and/or NMEA protocol for incoming messages from the devices and google maps for maps.
      We want to be able to trace each other while we are on off-road driving (so it's not commercial, we are 10 peoples max but we will make the server public so anyone can is it for free). Our idea is to attach XT65 on every truck so we can see on the server's page in every moment where each truck is. We want to use XT65 coz it's not expensive (about 60eur with psu module and case), we can't afford other devices :(
      I'm trying to find some java app for xt65 or xt75 to act as gps tracker and send its position via GPRS.
      I found two simular apps at www .tdc .co .uk /index.php?key=tt070215 but still far from my need.
      We need app witch can be configured with IP and port of the server, adjustable time between coordinates sends, ap settings (for gprs transfer). The coordinates should be send using opendmtp or nmea.
      If someone know where we can download such app please write. We CAN pay for the app if it's not expensive (we found commercial solution but the devices cost about 100eur per truck and our idea is to be less expensive as possible).
      10x in advance