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    New Java SE for Embedded 6 free evaluation releases on ARM/Linux available


      People who are reading this forum might be interested to know about
      Sun's Java SE for Embedded 6 releases on ARM/Linux that have been
      made available today for free evaluation -- three updated releases (for
      ARM v6 and v7) and two new releases (for ARM v5), both headless
      and headful versions are available:


      When you select a Java SE for Embedded eval through either of the
      above URLs, the download link will be sent to you by e-mail after you
      fill out a quick survey and agree to a click-through, 90-days e-license.

      For more information about Sun's Java SE for Embedded product, please
      start at the main web page for this product:


      This page also includes a link through which you can [contact Sun|http://www.javelinfeedback.com/sun/index.jsp?pi=353770340fcc19a6ca0f558647d48f48] to submit
      any further questions about the Java SE for Embedded product.


      Carlos B. Lucasius
      Java SE Embedded and Real-Time Engineering
      Sun Microsystems, Inc.