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    system for vehicle monitoring; using a module(XT65)

      hi people,

      I'm new to java programming. Hope u guys could help me with it. Thank you in advance.
      Below is the project that I have been struggling with for the past 6 weeks.

      Using the website pre-define classes { *C:\Program Files\Siemens\SMTK\TC65_R2\WTK\doc\html\index.html* }

      Could anyone write a program to send a message to the module (Siemens XT65).
      From inactive mode --> active mode,
      -->sending a SMS from your mobile phone to activate the module (Siemens XT65).
      Eg. Setting *s1234# as a default password in the module.
      So that when the user buy the module, he/she could send a SMS to the module to activate the module.

      You may reply me at wwlong5@yahoo.com.sg

      Thank you once again,