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    PDA emulator

      I want to develop a J2ME application for PDA. I am developing the application on my PC . I have made the application into a JAD file . Now i need a PDA emulator to test the JAD on my desktop. Pls give me information on this and also inform me how to test that using the emulator.
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          You could try to download the palm OS Emulator at http://www.netmeister.org/palm/POSE/POSE-HOWTO.html.
          I would encourage you to use J2ME Wireless Toolkit. You could try to get it at http://java.sun.com/products/j2mewtoolkit/.
          When these two applications are setup properly, run your MIDlet on Palm platform (select from the combo box, usually default to mobile phone).
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            when i use an emulator to connect through the wireless adaptor, can i make it use the desktop's wireless adaptor?

            I'm develpoing an application to connect a pda to a server (desktop), but i currently don't have a PDA.
            so, i want to run the emulator on a desktop for it to act as a PDA, but i don't know how to make it actually communicate with the server.

            Thanks in advance
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              I'm also having this issue. I am developing j2me software that is required to run on a wide range of handsets including PDA's and smartphones, but cannot seem to find a decent representative emulator. Have tried running the midlet on an HTC Touch Cruise but have had no success and cannot suss out the problem as theres no chance of debugging the code.

              Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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                I'm with the same problem then you, i need one PDA emulator to try one application, did you arrage one emulator?

                Thank's in advance,
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