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    Java Embedded ARM Linux edition

      I tried "Java Embedded ARM Linux edition" on "Familiar GPE 2.7".

      Magically for the 1st time, I was I able to compile a java source using GPE linux on my iPAQ h2200.
      Then I manually copy a few more libraries to test up in the device, "tools.jar" and "hsqldb.jar".

      I tried to compile and run a simple "JOptionPane.showMessageDialog()" UI object.
      I'm able to compile but failed to run it with errors below:
      "java.awt.HeadlessException ... <unknown source> ..."
      "... <unknown source>"
      Was Java Embedded meant to support swing object, or awt?
      Since this is an evaluation distribution (which will expired after 90 days), how do I get a full distribution?

      Thanks for any help.

      By Avatar Ng
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          Hi Avatar,
          Are you referring to the Embedded SE for Linux ARM evaluation binary? Can you please provide more info what do you mean by "Java Embedded"? If you have a java executable at the command line, you can try running "java -version" to get some info for me.

          - Mark
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            Hi, I`m a student trying to program an atmel at91sam9263 microcontroller. Currently I have a eval linux OS running on the board. How do I get the JRE for linux/ARM embedded on to the board and how would I transfer java files to and run them on the board?

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              Yes I'm refering to "Embedded SE for Linux ARM evaluation binary", and I'm testing it on GPE Linux on my iPAQ h2200 device.

              I got following when I typed "java -version"

              I able to run and compile java in console mode, just that I didn't get my gui working ...

              The last finding I have is to run with phoneme arm distribution, crossing my fingers ... wish me luck.

              I should update the testing results ib my blog below should it be a fail or success.

              Thanks for any help!

              by Avatar Ng