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    java sound and LINE OUT  recording

      hi friends,
      I am facing a problem which i believe many people had faced earlier...but the net doesnt provide any clear solution of it...so i am here!
      I wanna record the sound that is being generated in the speakers at any given time...
      can i use using java sound for this?
      is tat possible? If so..do u have any idea whether i can use the Port LINE_OUT line to capture the data?
      I will be greatly obliged if u can show me wit an example the solution of this question...
      thanx in advance


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          Support for audio recording is not part of the core Java libraries. Instead, you need to use the Java Media Framework (http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jmf).

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            How can you use LINE OUT to record something? It's the output.
            You can use MIC or LINE IN, and the sound board and drivers will mix the inputs for you.
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              Oh, now I understand what is your problem.

              You are listening to some music that you obtained via broadcast (in Windows Media Audio or Real Media format) so the music can't be saved in your hard disk - just for listening at the current moment. So you want to capture the OUTPUT (LINE OUT) in a WAV or MP3 format to listen to the music later.

              It's technically called "pirating" by the RIAA, so you will have some problems trying to get the solution here.

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                Pirating? I have a right to record a TV show or a make a copy of a CD for my own personal use (in the US at least). What's illegal is to sell or otherwise distribute that content to the public. The recording is not illegal. Unless, of course, it is done by breaking encryption in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998... which of course, the jury's still out on that, cuz personally, I think that clause would appear to be inviolation of existing laws about recording for personal use.
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                  I have been trin to capture two difrent streams from two
                  diffrent port brodcasted from my self made RTP server.
                  The thing is that i can capture these streams individually
                  using JMF and record it fine. But when I merge the two wave files,
                  they go out of sync.There is a concept of silent suppression and I
                  have tried padding but it dint help as the two recordings are started in
                  two diffrent threads and its tough to put them on sync.
                  The only option left is that I get to record directly from the output of
                  the sound card.
                  So now u got wat I am after?
                  If u have solutions...plz put it forward.

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                    I am also trying to record the sound that i hear from my pc speakers such as a wav file playing on winamp. However till now i have managed to record only the microphone's sound. Has anyone found out how to do this?
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                      hello all.
                      I have the same problem. Pls, if somebody knows any solution for this matter, i think everyone in here will appriciate. And, its not for piracy, its for record a phone call

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                        ahem, Marlin -- in some countries it's illegal to do that. And you already have an answer in this thread.