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    Disable Java updates

      We have an application that uses Java. I need to limit Java to version 6.9.170. Anything higher and the app won't open. I have setup a GPO to edit the registry at HKLM\SOFTWARE\JAVASoft\Java Update\Policy Enable Auto Update is set to 0. Java still updates to version 21. Is there another way to disable updates that works?
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          I would strongly advise against disabling autoupdate. Oracle releases regular security updates and bug fix/enhancement releases. Disabling AU for the sake of one application puts the user at risk from malicious software. Some better alternatives:

          1. Diagnose and fix the problem with the application.
          2. If it is a desktop application you could bundle a dedicated JRE with it
          3. If it is an applet or web start application you can of course specify a specific runtime version via JNLP. This should be a last resort as it clutters the user's machine with multiple versions of Java.