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    TAF 11gr2 RAC

      Hi Gurus,

      Suppose if i create a service with srvctl add service and enabled it as TAF ,and use it to connect to 11gr2 RAC database from JDBC thin client.the instance to which connection got established got failed or crashed and the session will failover to other node and the result of the query will be return back.So even JDBC thin driver is giving me the resultset after reestabilshing the connection to surviving instance so what is it that JDBC thin client doesn't support for TAF and OCI supports it,even same thing will happen with (session failover)OCI right?how is TAF different then FCF?Please help me in understanding this concept of jdbc thin and OCI and FCF.

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          in fact I had the exact same question.. it's kinda confusing in the documentation..

          from what I gather from the docs...

          TAF supports JDBC thick clients only.. So does that mean I can have a type-2 driver based JDBC connection pool and expect runtime load balancing by receiving FAN using ONS ?

          what's this thing about TAF only working with OCI clients? Does that include type-2 driver based java clients too ?

          What't the difference between OCISession pools and type-2 driver based connection pools..does the later use the first ?

          I have seen FCF/ICC work with JDBC type-4 driver in that situation.. that is , it does runtime load balancing by receiving FAN using ONS.