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    Error during createSql Call from VB; 'CreateSql failed in IOraDatabase'


      In this call I make to test a stored procedure to see if my OO4O works .. i get this error in Vb

      "Method 'createSql' of object '_IOradatabase' Failed"

      while the code is at this line..

      Set oraCommand = _
      .CreateSql("Begin LoadRowDataPack.LoadRowData(:FormID, :TemplateID, :TABNames, :TABIDs, ATACURSOR); END;", ORASQL_FAILEXEC)

      Note: in the parameters the TabNames and TabIDs are paramarrays defined as:

      .Parameters.AddTable "TabNames", ORAPARM_INPUT, ORATYPE_VARCHAR2, UBound(strTabNameArr), 100
      .Parameters.AddTable "TabIDs", ORAPARM_INPUT, ORATYPE_NUMBER, UBound(strTabIDArr), 100

      And the Datacursor is:

      .Parameters.Add "DATACURSOR", 0, ORAPARM_OUTPUT
      .Parameters("DATACURSOR").serverType = ORATYPE_CURSOR

      The rest are as:

      .Parameters.Add "FormID", intFormUID, ORAPARM_INPUT
      .Parameters("FormID").serverType = ORATYPE_NUMBER
      and so on...

      Please advise as to where the error may be coming from..