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    Virtualized Multi-Fabric 10GbE NEM and VirtualBox using bridged networking

      Hi all,

      We have a problem to run VirtualBox (3.28, 3.2.10, Sol 10U9) in bridge mode connected out via Virtualized NEM. Our VMs are not able to communicate in bridge mode outside the blade. The VM MAC address is correctly sent to the arp table of the switch bull all incoming ethernet packets containing the VM's MAC as destination address are lost. Therefore we can't send any packet back to the VM.
      The documentation for Virtualized NEM states something about virtual MAC addresses assigned to each blade. In bridge mode, VirtualBox also assign a virtual MAC address for VM.
      The general question is: Is the Virtualized NEM able to handle more virtual MAC addresses than internal 10 and correctly distribute traffic to VirtualBox VMs in bridge mode ?
      It looks like the NEM can only handle one wirtual MAC for a blade and nothing more ...
      Any known issues about that ? I can understand that mixing of two Virtual technologies together is maybe not a good idea, but anyway I would expected some Technical Notes for Virtualized NEM about that ... or have I missed something ?

      Thanks a lot for any help,