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    Oracle Personalization..-How can we open it?

      Hi everybody.

      Just want to ask.

      We have problem with the Oracle Customization (user can see any portlet, even which they do not have access to,when they click Add portlet in Customization).

      So, one of the user ask us to look into Oracle Personalization, wheter it can replace the Customize function.

      So, my questions are?
      1)Is Personalization the same as Customization but more powerful?

      2)In OTN, there no technical documentation how to configure the Oracle Personalization..Where can i find one?

      3)We have Oracle9iAS installed with Oracle Portal,Reports etc..the Oracle Personalization should be installed also by default, right?..How can we open it?

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          Hi Rushdan,
          Answers to your questions:
          Answer: No. OP is much different from customizing a portlet.
          Please review http://otn.oracle.com/products/personalization/content.html for full coverage of this.
          OP provides a framework for personalizing applications but it requires development to put it into place.
          It is not an out of the box application such as the portal service.

          It is part of the iAS documentation set:
          The following link will display the area it is located in however you should be able to navigate to iAS documentation (business intelligence section) on your own as well.

          There are additional steps required to fully setup Oracle Personalization. Please refer to the install guide.
          Thanks, Mark
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            Kalimuthu V-Oracle
            You Can check the apps Dev Guide, which will give you the difference between both
            and you have the details about how to deploy the personalizations.

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              Just to add to above replies, OAF personalization comes installed by default. You just need to set a few system profiles to enable it.

              Also major difference between personalization and customization is that personalization is driven by meta data repository (MDS) and hence always patching, upgrade safe. Customization involves code changes and unless done as specified by guidelines, will not be patch safe.