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    OCollection Open Error

      hi,I try to use the OCollection Class,
      but when I try to initilize it so that I can add value into it,I don't know the parameter is
      this method is
      void Open(ODatabase& odb, const char *type_name) throw(OException)
      what is the type_name,
      I use the OCollection class to hold the Number type,
      all return the error code 17,very confusing
      does any one use method before,thank you very much.
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          I found this information at the JDBC developer guide
          I think we have to create a collection at the server side
          only then can we use it,hope this helps other people

          Because Oracle supports only named collections, you must declare a particular VARRAY type name or nested table type name. "VARRAY" and "nested table" are not
          types themselves, but categories of types.