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    hprof and HAT

      I dumped a binary hprof file using "-Xrunhprof:format=b" but get the following error when I run HAT on it:

      "java -cp hat.zip -mx100m hat.Main java.hprof
      Started HTTP server on port 7000
      Reading from java.hprof...
      Dump file created Tue Nov 26 16:44:08 EST 2002
      java.io.IOException: Stack trace not found for serial # 0
      at hat.parser.HprofReader.getStackTraceFromSerial(HprofReader.java:612)
      at hat.parser.HprofReader.readArray(HprofReader.java:778)
      at hat.parser.HprofReader.readHeapDump(HprofReader.java:437)
      at hat.parser.HprofReader.read(HprofReader.java:222)
      at hat.parser.Reader.readFile(Reader.java:91)
      at hat.Main.main(Main.java:135)"

      Anyone have any suggestions? I am using jvm 1.3.1_02.
      I also cannot get PerfAnal to work on the text version of the dump file.

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          try adding the " -stack=false " switch to hat

          ./hat -stack=false java.hprof

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            I have the following problem :

            Dump file created Tue Aug 19 19:46:40 CEST 2003
            Snapshot read, resolving...
            Resolving 0 objects...
            WARNING: hprof file does not include java.lang.Class!
            Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
            at hat.model.JavaClass.resolve(JavaClass.java:69)
            at hat.model.Snapshot.addFakeClass(Snapshot.java:75)
            at hat.model.Snapshot.resolve(Snapshot.java:113)
            at hat.Main.main(Main.java:144)

            and I call hat like this :
            java -cp hat.zip -mx100m hat.Main -stack=false test.hprof

            My hprof has been called with the binary outputformat
            Is someone can help me?
            Thanks in advance,