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    Cannot create virtual memory swap file


      I'm getting an error message when i execute the query of a workbook.

      The message I receive is "Cannot create virtual memory swapfile "\EuZ""

      Something to note is that my workbook opened and ran fine in the morning and started crashing in the afternoon.

      I started the workbook on another user's machine
      and works fine... for now.

      I look in the .INI that are created when i open discoverer and found nothing.

      If there is a setting to change or
      someone knows about that problem, let me know.

      NOTE: The version i'm running is dicoverer
      under windows 2000 (SP3)

      Thank you

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          I'm getting the same error on some computers also.

          Maybe somebody knows what is wrong?

          My Discoverer Plus version is 4.1.37

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            This is a (sometimes) bug, at least in Discoverer 3.1 and I see it on some machines when I first install Discoverer. One or two queries may work, and then your message (with garbage characters for the "file name") from then on.

            The program seems to fail to correctly set the cache sizes in the registry (or ini file or whatever it's saving stuff) from the Preferences.

            What fixes it for us (every time) is:

            1. Pull down the [Tools] menu.

            2. Select [Options].

            3. (Scroll right if needed to) select the [Cache] tab.

            4. Set the [Memory Cache] and [Disk Cache] values. You can set them to the values they were going to default to anyway, just type in there and then put it back to the original value so it sees they were "modified" and saves the values when you...

            5. click [OK]

            Apparently the installation defaults are not reliably saved in the first place. "Changing" them in the [Options] dialog will, however, reliably set them and that always cures this problem for our users.


            Chuck Somerville
            Scitex Digital Printing
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              Instruction helped to fix the problem, in exactly way that you described.