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    REP-56071: Security check failed with error message


      We have an Oracle 9iAS R2 v9.0.2.2 installation on Linux (Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1). We have installed PatchSet 2703110, 2581587 and 2842923.
      Oracle9i Reports version is:
      iAS and Infrastructure are on separate hosts.
      Trying to run Reports demo test.jsp or test.rdf we get the following message:

      javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: REP-56071: Security check failed with error message: Error code30001 - Cannot access the server:rep_dkipcias
      In package:wwv_rw_usr function:security_check
      Command line is: server=rep_dkipcias report=/repdemo/examples/Tools/test.jsp rundate="29-MAY-03 09:05:01"

      Found on Metalink the following Note: 216847.1
      This recommends to comment out the security and destination tags in ORACLE_MIDDLETIER_HOME/report/conf/<repserver>.conf file
      After commenting them out reports works fine.


      at the end of the note there is a note which states that "Commenting out the security tag removes the integration of the reports server and portal."

      We need reports integration with Portal. We need SSO as well.
      Could you give any workaround for this problem?

      PS.: I have red Note:213171.1, Note:216118.1, http://otn.oracle.com/products/reports/htdocs/getstart/whitepapers/securing9i.pdf and BUG:2645629
      None of them gave any solution for the problem

      Thanks in advance,
      Andras Weintrauth
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          Hi, Andras,

          Please check Reports security policy in your Portal instance.

          (1). Is there a Reports Definition File object created for test.jsp? If yes, did you select server rep_dkipcias as one of the Reports server that test.jsp can run against?

          (2). Are the SSO user allowed to run the test.jsp against server dkipcias(check Access tab of report and server component)?

          This error usually is caused by a security rule setup in your Portal. Please check.

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            Hi Jeff,

            Q(1): Yes.
            (Report Name and Servers tab)
            Report Server: REP_DKIPCIAS
            Oracle Reports File Name: test.jsp
            Execute: as JSP
            (Other tabs)
            Default values. Unchanged.
            Q(2): (Acces Tab of Report Component)
            Publish to Portal = checked
            Inherit Privileges from Portal DB Provider = checked
            (Acces Tab of Report Server Component)
            Inherit Privileges from Portal DB Provider = checked

            (SSO User)
            The user I try to run the report with has the following group assignments:
            Privilege Group

            Additional Info:

            To be more specific: The mentioned security check failure exists outside of Portal as well. Eg. when we try to run the default portal test examples (test.jsp, test.rdf) from the iAS home page Demonstartions tab.

            Thank You in advance,
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              Hi, Andras,

              (1). In the Reports Server component, is check box "Run Only Registered Report Definition Files" checked? If yes, try uncheck it.

              (2). In the Access tab of Reports server & report component, uncheck the "Inherit Privileges from Portal DB Provider" checkbox. This should give you a list of users/groups who has at least Execute privilege on the report. Please make sure SSO user(or one of its group) is among the list.

              BTW, it does not matter whether you run the report from inside Portal, or directly from browser location window. The same security policy will be applied.