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    Unable to receive multiple recordsets using OraOLEDB

      OS:Windows 2000
      ADO 2.7
      Provider:oraOLEDB.Oracle version 9.2

      I am using a ADO call from VB to retrieve multiple rowsets from a stored procedure. Stored procedure uses reference cursor to return recordsets.

      When trying to use RS.NextRecordSet in VB, I get "Run-time error '3251' - Current provider does not support returning multiple recordsets from a single execution."

      Oracle documentation shows a sample returning multiple rowset. Is it really supported?


      My stored procedure:
      TYPE m_refcur IS REF CURSOR;

      procedure p_GetWishList( p_WishListCur out m_refcur,
      p_WishListItemCur out m_refcur,
      WishListID in pls_integer,
      SessionID in varchar2,
      ItemCount in pls_integer default 25,
      RetVal out pls_integer ) is
      nWishListRows pls_integer;
      open p_WishListCur for select * from WishList wl
      where wl.WishListID = WishListID and wl.SessionID = SessionID;
      open p_WishListItemCur for select * from WishListItem wli
      where wli.WishListID = WishListID and rownum <= ItemCount;

      RetVal := 0;
      when others then
      RetVal := SQLCODE;
      end p_GetWishList;