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    internal JSP


      I have problem with internal JSP. I created JSP, packed it into jar and I deployed it into portal as internal JSP. When I showed this page, I got this error.

      Error: The servlet produced the following error stack. oracle.webdb.utils.PortalExceptionImpl: Unable to deploy JSP SSS, error /oracle/product/O9iPortal/j2ee/OC4J_Portal/applications/portal/portal/internal_jsp/33,31496/pages/test/test_forward1.jsp.tmp (No such file or directory), deployment root /oracle/product/O9iPortal/j2ee/OC4J_Portal/applications/portal/portal/internal_jsp, archive URL http://krizna.vsnet.sk:7778/pls/portal/docs/1581.JAR.
           at oracle.portal.PortalException.<init>(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.portal.PortalException.<init>(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.webdb.page.JspDeployment.prepare(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.webdb.page.JspDeployment.runJsp(Unknown Source)

      When I deployed only JSP I could show this page.

      What is wrong?

      thanx rado