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      I am new to wallet i have understanding wallet is used for extra security where no password is to be given when connect string i see advantage that in scripts password is not required to be hard coded
      Please brief me why wallet is used in oracle

      I have 2 questions regarding wallet please clarify

      1)How wallet will effect in making new data guard setup,I had already configured dataguard on
      many databases /servers but now one of database /server have wallet configured will that effect

      2)I had script using rman restoring oracle database its working well with database without using wallet ,does it require any change if oracle database use wallet,how restore /recovery of database using wallet what will be difference than database without wallet
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          I don't think it effect dataguard or rman - it a key to decrypt sensitive data on columns ie SSN , Credit card #, bank account , etc... without the wallet keys - you should still be able to do everything except view those columns.