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    Profiling RTJ

      I'm trying to do some performance analysis on a simple application which is running on the Sun RTJ platform.
      Could you tell me what tools i should use and how should i configure them.
      I've tried using the jconsole , but it fails(dose't connect to the vm).
      I've got some thing working using visualvm and the profiler form netbeans.
      I'm running these on Solaris 10 win RTJ 2.1
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          First, note that jconsole should work. Since JavaRTS is based on a 1.5 version of the JVM, you have to specify a few command line options when you start the JVM (mainly to specify the port and the security protocol). Please check the jconsole documentations.

          As for the tools, it depends on what you want to do. It looks like you are looking for profiling tools. Since you are running on Solaris, you should look at TSV, the Thread Scheduling Visualizer, which can be downloaded with JavaRTS. This is a specific tool we developed for analysis of real-time applications and which does not disrupt the real-timeness of the application. Other profiling approaches are too disruptive and are not supported in JavaRTS.

          TSV is based on DTrace instrumentation. We have added and documented a few Dtrace probes in JavaRTS. They are used by TSV but you can also develop your own DTrace script if you want to profile/instrument exactly what you want in a very efficient way.


          Bertrand DELSART

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            Also make sure you check out our "T3" guide:


            David Holmes
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              Where could one dowload the TSV ? or is it integrated with the RTJ package ?
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                My bad, didn't read carefully the docs; it's available at the download page , only for the solaris distribution