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    Java RTS - Guarantee that GC does not run during bursts of activity?


      I am looking at Sun's Java Real-Time System for an application in the financial/trading domain. In the trading business there are a lot of periods during the day that the CPU is not really busy and then there are bursts of high activity where the CPU should be dedicated to reacting to market conditions (and not GC).

      Is it reasonable for me to expect the following behavior? I will run my trading application (using JRTS) on dedicated machines with lots and lots of memory (such that can accommodate any bursts of allocation during bursts of market activity) and GC will use CPU resources only when cycles are available. All my threads will be Non-critical RT Threads that will run at a priority that is higher than the RTGC Normal priority and my Boosted Memory Threshold will be very high (only in boosted mode will GC preempt my threads).

      Basically I want GC to run on on idle cycles.

      Thanks in advance