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    Hardware for RTS

      We are interested in purchasing the best hardware for an "enterprise RTS" solution that will have a data grid and use separate cores generously, i.e., cores dedicated to certain data types. Is there a suggested Sun hardware solution for this sort of RTS application? Hopefully this question is not seen as not RTS related. Thanks.
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          I don't know what you mean by "cores dedicated to certain data types". In Java RTS, at present you can basically have cores allocated to one of three processor sets:

          - one for all java.lang.Threads and all system threads, including RTGC
          - one for all javax.realtime.RealtimeThreads
          - one for all javax.realtime.NoHeapRealtimeThreads

          Anything finer-grained than this would need to be done through your own native API.

          I can't give advice on hardware requirements so I suggest contacting our marketing/sales folk directly:


          (which is linked off the main JRTS page: http://java.sun.com/javase/technologies/realtime/index.jsp

          David Holmes