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    Adjusting Event Handlers


      I have a timer (instance of class PeriodicTimer) in my application and it is very important, that handlers associated with this timer fire as fast as possible. For this purpose I use a BoundAsyncEventHandler with a set nonheap flag and set its priority via its constructor to a high value (e.g. 55).
      To make sure that the corresponding timer fires at the given time, I adjust its priority via -XX:RTSJHighResTimerThreadPriority=<priority> also to a high value (e.g. 55).

      Are there any other possibilities to make sure, that my handler act as fast as possible when the timer fires? (next to: use ITC, no concurrent threads with such an high priority, avoid GC)

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          You don't need to modify RTSJHighResTimerPriority as by default we set it to the maximum RT priority.

          The other thing that might assist in prompt release would be to use processor-set binding for NHRTs - which includes bound no-heap AEH server threads.

          David Holmes