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    cyclic driver question

      I have tried to install Solaris 10 on my system to get the cyclic driver to work, but Solaris 10 just doesn't want to play nice on my machine. I am back to using OpenSolaris. I found a very interesting article from a Sun employee ( http://blogs.sun.com/jonh/date/20050321#it_s_been_a_long ) that describes how to change the OS version returned by uname using a DTrace hack, which list below

      #!/usr/sbin/dtrace -s

      #pragma D option destructive

      self->addr = arg0;

      copyoutstr("SunOS", self->addr, 257);
      copyoutstr("PowerPC", self->addr+257, 257);
      copyoutstr("5.5.1", self->addr+(257*2), 257);
      copyoutstr("gate:1996-12-01", self->addr+(257*3), 257);
      copyoutstr("PPC", self->addr+(257*4), 257);

      uname now returns 5.10 on my machine, but the cyclic driver (as reported by /var/adm/messages) still insists that I an running a 5.11 Solaris system. Could you let me know which function is used in the cyclic_drv_init function to check OS version so that I can write a similar workaround to the one above?

      Thanks and sorry for the bother.