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    Solaris 10 u6 and Java RTS


      After successfully installing a triple boot system (ubunut/opensolaris/windows xp) I ran into the cyclic driver issue that prevents SUNWrtjc from installing even after appropriate ''hacking" has been applied to the package ( http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5343341 ).

      I am currently in the process of downloading Solaris 10. The latest version from Sun's downloads is u6, but I noticed that the SUNWrtjc package in Sun's Java RTS is available for u4 and u5 only. Does this mean that u6 is not supported?

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          S10u6 will be officially supported in Java RTS 2.2.

          While running the 2.1 cyclic driver on S10u6 is not officially supported we are not aware of any issues that are likely to cause any problems. The cyclic driver is a very stable piece of code.

          David Holmes