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    Using 1.6+ classes in RTSJ

      RTSJ is using JDK 1.5. Is there any way to use 1.6+ classes? I run into some problems during porting.

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          It depends on the classes. You could grab JDK6 classes from the OpenJDK6 and put them on your bootclasspath but:

          1. It can't be any of the really core classes that are intimately connected to the VM (Object, Thread, Class, ClassLoader, java.lang.ref.*, java.lang.reflect.* ...)

          2. They can't require VM support that only exists in JDK6. For example a JMX API that only exists in JDK6 will need support from the JDK6 VM.

          3. There can't be any dependencies between classes such that JDK5 class X plus JDK6 class Y leads to breakage.

          Of course this is not officially supported.

          David Holmes
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            Thank you for your reply. Appreciate your working ethetics. You are always here.