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    Installation of the Thread Scheduling Visualizer (TSV)


      I've already written some realtime applications and now I want to monitor them via TSV. I've downloaded RTS 2.1 with TSV and installed RTS 2.1. I guess TSV isn't installed yet (command "drecord" is not known by solaris). So I think TSV is inside the file "threadsc.gz", isn't it? I've already extracted this file, but still I don't know, how to install TSV.
      I've already read the TSV Guide, but there are only very poor informations on the installation of it.

      So can anyone explain to me, what the name of the TSV installation file is and how I can install it on Solaris?

      Thanks a lot!
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          Hi Gordon:

          TSV can be downloaded when you download the Java RTS 2.1 eval on
          Solaris; just to be clear, TSV is based on DTrace (a Solaris specific
          tool), hence it's not available for Linux. When you go through the Java
          RTS 2,1 eval download process for Solaris (either x86 or SPARC version),
          you will see the TSV download link listed on the final page (after having
          taken the survey and agreeing with the eval license) -- it's the same
          page as the one that also lists the Java RTS 2.1 eval download link.
          The name of the TSV bundle on that page is "tsv-1.2.tar.gz". All you
          need to do to install this is to unpack it.


          -Carlos Lucasius