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    how to get Java RTS


      I tried to get Java RTS?

      On the web page I only found an email address ('OEM_Technology_telesales@sun.com') ... but nobody is answering my emails there.

      I have no idea how much a license cost and how to acquire it.

      BTW: I need one for my private / non-commercial projects and one - maybe - also for projects in my company.

      maybe someone can help me here....

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          Check out http://java.sun.com/javase/technologies/realtime/rts/ The binary is downloadable with a 90-day evaluation license.

          If you are still having problems send an email to Carlos.Lucasius@Sun.COM He'll help you with the download if you need it and will get you in touch with an OEM filed representative when you need a deployment license.

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              Hello Greg...

              wow ... you were fast...just found the solution in the FAQ ...

              +"Java RTS has an innovative pricing model that starts at $6500 per socket/CPU for development or internal deployment. This number includes one year of basic support. For commercial external and volume deployments, Java RTS has a value-based pricing model that scales to suit your needs."+

              this is quite expensive... I am not sure if I can persuade my company here :(

              and for my private projects is this definitely to expensive :( :(