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    Project Golden Gate Status


      Are any one has up to date information about status of Project Golden Gate(http://research.sun.com/projects/goldengate/index.html)? I am trying to prepare a presentation about real time java to convince upper management to use java in our next version of command and control system or similar mission critical systems. Project Golden Gate seems to be one of the most extreme usage of RTSJ. Do you know any other large scale software that use RTSJ like DDG-1000 (US Navy next generation destroyers)?

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          Check out

          We have a couple of other Mil-Aero customers using Java RTS in big systems but we cannot disclose anything about those projects.

          Project Golden Gate hasn't been active in some time. It used the RTSJ reference implementation from TimeSys, Inc. (check out http://www.rtsj.org for some links).

          Cheers, Greg
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            Space Surveillance Radar is also is very interesting. Thanks for your response. By the way, videos of your JavaOne presentations are among my favorites.