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    receiving data in real time

      i have a bit of a problem. I'm trying to get data from a bio-sensor in real time. The sensor sends 350bytes of data every second.
      The problem is that i'm reading the data into a ByteArray but it's taking too long to output the data on my GUI interface and the data isn't arriving in real time. looping through the array to get the data seems to be causing this problem. Does anybody know any other way of getting this data??

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          I'm assuming you aren't actually using the real-time VM here.

          Reading data at 350 bytes per second should not be a problem - but how exactly do you read from this bio-sensor?

          The problem is more likely in updating the GUI. As an experiment read your data and output to the console in a minimal format and see how "real-time" it is. If that works okay then the issue is the GUI. If that has problems too then you'll need to look at exactly how you access the data. A NIO related forum might be of more assistance in general.

          David Holmes