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    Help me please!

      Hi, I'm a boy new in this theme and I have a doubt. I need Java Real Time to continue with my research project. I work in Windows OS because I use some tools that in other OS don't exist. This morning I downloaded Java Realm Time, but I saw that is targeted at Sun Solaris. Java Real Time only runs at Solaris? Can I work with JRT in Windows?

      Help me please! I need a answer please!!!!.

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          Sorry but Java RTS does not support Windows. Windows does not provide the real-time OS services needed for a real-time JVM.

          What's aspects of real-time were you hoping to "use" under Windows?

          David Holmes
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            I work with a simulation tool, and it's only runs under Windows. Then....how can I resolve my problem? How can I use that tool with JRT? I need a solution because I don't know about that theme.