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    realtime data

      why does Java memory cache cannot be expanded to avoid runing out of memory during streaming of market data beyond its alloted maximum run time?
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          Sorry I don't understand what you are referring to. Are you talking about the Java heap?
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            The Java run time memory
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              Yes the memory heap which i think can be set at JRE runtime setting at Java Control Panel. I have alloted 1GB for the Xmx but the free memory expires after about 1/2 hour of data streaming and a lockup occurs. How can you release this limited free memory parameter? The Control Panel does not have a Help menue to adjust any of the settings to fit the suitable memory requirement such as the Xms or Xmx.
              I would like to have a conitinuous streaming of Market data without running out of free memory.
              Many thanks for your help.
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                Is Java limited in running streaming market data?.
                I have Java 6 for my Vista PC and a Xms216m-Xmx1GB for Java Runtime setting .
                It seems that the free memory posted on Java console view when
                logging shows 55,668k. Free: 25,737k(46%).
                I am assuming the free memory shows the memory left after logging to stream data.
                To dump thru G, i get more free memory for a certain period of time before it starts depleting to (0%) then everyting freezes.
                Why can't i have the memory or the heap stay active more than 1/2 hour of Market data streaming?
                Is there anyway out of this limitation to avoid constantly retarting the PC to refresh the run time memory? Is Java that limited for running Market data streaming?
                I am not sure why my broker relies on Java for he main Market trading web sit if it is so limited.
                Any help is appreciated.
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                  This forum is watched by the Sun Java Real-Time System team (an implementation of JSR-01 aka RTSJ). Please see
                  If your question does not concern either the RTSJ or Java RTS then please redirect it to another forum.
                  If your application does have need for a real-time JVM, as it might seem so, then perhaps you should download our product and try it.
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                    It sounds like you have a general issue with memory configuration in the JVM which is not appropriate for this forum. Try "Hotspot internals": http://forum.java.sun.com/forum.jspa?forumID=546

                    I'd also suggest first checking out the Trouble-shooting Guide and the GC Tuning guide for Java 6: