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    V490 additional drives


      Apparantly sun fire v490 has only 2 drive slots, we already have them full with 146 Gigs drive and now have a need for additional 140 gigs.
      Can someone please suggest on possible solutions, we have SAN but that is too expensive, we can buy bigger hard drives but SUN 146 Gigs is the biggest SUN makes for V490's.
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          The V490 is EOL'd but you might have it covered by a service contract. Because it's gone EOL, Sun will not go backward and add qualification for additional components for their functionality. What you see is all that will be published.

          If there is a service contract you'll need to stick with qualified internal drives. If there is no contract, you can do whatever you want to do.

          If you must leave those existing disks in place, why not consider adding direct-attach external storage? Go get a SCSI or FCAL peripheral, install the appropriate HBA, and add drives (perhaps something straightforward as a [Storedge 3120|http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/validateUser.do?target=Systems/3120_R/3120_R]).