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    Coolthreads a complete failure?

      I'm looking for a no-holds barred appraisal of the Niagra technology from people using it in production. We bought into it early on, and things seemed to be okay, but the more and more we put on these things, the less impress I am.

      We have apps that are just cruising on a 490 that completely fail on a T2000. Cpu utilization wills how 5%, load will be 1-3, and yet page transitions are in the 20-40 second time frame.

      Comparable time frames on the 490 is 3-5 seconds.

      I don't want to turn this into a deep dive into our application, we've been through that with SUN. All we got was a mediocre re-iteration of some Weblogic configurations that we've already deployed. We've been down the path of DTRACE, we've profiled the application and made some significant architecture changes to accommodate this platform. At this point, I'm trying to decide why we don't go buy some dell 8 way boxes for 1/5th the price and run it all on Linux.

      I wanna know if anyone is having serious success on this platform in production. I'm not talking about proof of concept, or light weight utilization. I'm talking about replacing the workload of a 490 with a T2000 (or equivalent on both sides of the equation).