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    Sun ultra 40 boot problem  AMD Opteron


      my Sun Ultra 40 will not boot, it is an AMD Opteron based machine, the cooling fans are spinning, but there is no msg to read on the monitor.

      Occasionally I got it to boot, it ran for two weeks, but at next reboot it displays no signal to the video card.

      I spotted this in the manual

      During POST, the BIOS outputs the error code to I/O port 80h. The workstation
      motherboard is equipped with a two segment LED display that displays the current
      value of port 80h.


      but I cannot get the glue in it, maybe because I have opteron AMD and this is targeted to sparc.

      Last error msg I read was like this:

      Phoenix trusted core(TM) server
      copyright 1985 - 2004 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

      all rights reserverd
      Build Time: 12/19/05 09:46:08
      sun ultra 40 workstation BIOS version 1.050

      CPU Stepping = E4 2000MHz

      MemClk = 200 MHz Tcl=3.0 Trcd = 3 Tras = 8 Trp=3

      1023 M System RAM Passed
      1024 K cache SRAM Passed

      System BIOS shadowed
      Video BIOS Shadowed


      Mouse initialized

      Kernel Library version:
      Strong ROM Version:03.00

      Event log messages, enter setup to view

      0280: Previous boot incomplete -
      Default configuration used

      Press <F1> to resume, <F2> to setup


      what can I do? is the motherboard faulty? How can I get it to boot from CD
      and run a system diagnosis?

      What mainboard is compatible? should I replace it with a newer mainboard + CPU + RAM?

      Will it fit in the Sun Ultra 40 desktop tower?