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    [AFT0] IPE Event on CPU1 in Privileged mode

      I have searched Google, Sun Support, and BigAdmin, with no luck.
      What is IPE, AFT, Fault_PC? Any hints greatly appreciated.

      NOTICE: [AFT0] IDSPE Event on CPU1 in Privileged mode at TL=0, errID 0x00336246.76d1ffb8
      Fault_PC 0x100350f0
      [AFT2] I$Tag (0x14:0) 0x00.03fc1b00 I$state Valid I$utag 0x1b I$vpred 0x2.4 I$snp 0x00.03fc1b00
      [AFT2] PAtag 0x000.7f836280 PAsnp 0x000.7f836280 VAutag 0x036280
      [AFT2] I$Data (0x00) 0x003.8408c002 0x006.c65ee108 0x001.8730e000 0x003.84108003

      Then every so often:
      [AFT2] Parity errors found = 11

      I had a spate of these at 4:00am-ish, then again at 1:00pm-ish, with parity errors this time, and the machine panicked after another 10 minutes.

      Rebooted, fsck, up now for an hour. Suspect CPU, or memory?


      Brian Hanna