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    ultra 40 fx3500 nvidia driver problem with XP


      I have a Sun Ultra 40 Workstation with an fx3500 graphic-card. With Solaris, Mandriva and 64Bit-Windows
      the card works without problems. But with XP 32-Bit only the old 9x drivers from Nvidia work. If I try to
      install a driver-release above 100 (today I tried 191.00, but I also have tried many other releases) the driver
      installs fine. But after rebooting the workstation powercycles short before the Windows-Login-Screen
      appears and Windows boots in "Safe-Mode". Then I can install the old 9x drivers and XP works again.

      I tried a tool which wipes out the old Nvidia-driver first, bevor installing the new one, but no success.
      Why is it not possible to install new Nvidia-drivers?

      After the second boot when the driver has failed to load, the following messages appears on the screen
      after the Bios has finished:

      "Nvidia Rom Bios" "Detecting Arrays"

      I could not read the whole text, because the message appears only a very short time, so I could not
      read the message exactly. But the message only appears after the problem with the graphics card driver.
      I have not configured disk-arrays. I'm not shure, but is it possible that there is something wrong with
      the Nvidia-fx3500, the Nvidia-mainboard-Chipset and the Nvidia-graphics-driver above the 100. release.

      Can you please help me?

      Best Regards