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    x6270: Console redirection not wroking.


      I enter the IP of my blade in a browser, then go to "Remote Control", then "Launch Redirection", I get the Sun ILOM remote console screen, buts is black, I do not get any output. Occasionally I get "unknown video packet type" or "ILOM connection is down, try redirection again later".

      The Chassis is a 6000 with f.w

      The blade is a x6270 with f.w

      I found bug 6912597 and recently upgraded the Blade f.w, still no redirect.

      We have two new chassis with x6270 blades, I have tried with one blade on each chassis and still have the same problem.

      I can get output form another chassis running different blades so I know it's not a Java problem on my desktop.

      What do I try next?