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    unable to "sol activate" with ipmitool

      I want to use SOL in my X4450 servers using ipmitool but seem it is disabled:

      # ipmitool -I lanplus -U root -P changeme -H N.N.N.N sol activate
      Info: SOL payload disabled

      The ILOM version is and

      # ipmitool -V
      ipmitool version 1.8.9

      Using Google I have read that ELOM has SOL enabled.
      Is correcto to downgrade ?

      Any suggestions are welkome

      1000 x Thanks

      Sandro Doro
      IT Zuccante
      Mestre/Venezia - Italy
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          If you want to use the console,login the service process as root

          ssh root@system_ipaddress
          Password: changeme

          and run
          ->start /SP/console
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            Thanks for your fast reply.

            I type:

            $ ssh root@myIP
            -> start /SP/console
            Are you sure you want to start /SP/console (y/n)? y

            Serial console started. To stop, type ESC (

            But if I reboot the machine I don't see, in console, the POST progress.

            With "ipmitool ... sol activate" I want to see the POST and be able to press F2 key. I missed anything ?

            ps. I access my 3 x4450 machine through a very low band connection and so I can't use http.
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              You need to use RKVM function to access BIOS remotely then you can enter BIOS and make changes remotely.
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                Thanks for reply.

                Your suggestion is usable with ipmitool and is compatible with a low bandwidth ?

                Now I read the manual for rkvm fucntions but I prefer to continue to use ipmitool to manage my server (Sun/DeLL) rack (including BIOS setting).
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                  The Sun remote console application require a web browser. Instead the ipmitool with "sol activate" can run inside a ssh session. In Sun manual is declarated that the Sun ipmi implementation is v 2.0 compatible and the Sun manual declare that the "sol activate" implementation si complete. Instead he command output says "disabled". How I can enable ?

                  my test:

                  request sol info ...
                  # ipmitool -I lanplus -U root -P changeme -H sol info
                  Error requesting SOL parameter 'Set In Progress (0)': Invalid command

                  enabling sol ...
                  # ipmitool -v -I lanplus -U root -P changeme -H sol set enabled true
                  Error setting SOL parameter 'set-in-progress' to 'set-in-progress': Invalid command
                  Error: set of parameter "enabled" failed

                  Many thanks,
                  Sandro Doro
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                    My understanding of this functionality is that it is not enabled in ILOM firmware 2.0 or 3.0 yet. See bug #6329672. Your only option is rkvm until we implement the feature.
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                      I am new in Sun environment: can you post an URL to view the bug number ? thanks.
                      In this forum http://tinyurl.com/39rvhoy I have read that if I downgrade ILOM to ELOM I can use SOL. What do you think ? Is this possible for x4450 ?

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                        Sorry forum URL:

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                          Here's the sunsolve url:


                          The bug simply states that SOL isn't implemented yet in ILOM 2.x or 3.x.

                          As far as your other question about downgrading ILOM/BIOS to a level to use ELOM this would not be something I would recommend. To be able to do this for one is problematic because to actually downgrade you need to use the corrupt firmware procedure to even load ELOM from ILOM. This is a pain. The second reason I don't recommend this anymore is again to use ELOM you need to have old firmware that isn't supported any longer so you will be open to many bugs that have been fixed. If you run into any issues we will require you to upgrade to latest ILOM/BIOS for support. We only support ILOM moving forward. I highly recommend against using ELOM just to get SOL feature.

                          I also won't get into the fact that ELOM uses an older version of IPMI which could have other issues and is not upgradeable without moving to latest ILOM. You are asking for major trouble doing this just to get SOL support. To do this is like saying you would trade in your new large size Ferrari for a 20 year old compact (Hugo) car just so you can drive through one particular small tunnel which is impassable with the Ferrari. Instead of just driving around the tunnel via a side road while keeping the new Ferrari.
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                            Sandro Doro