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    x6270 - problem accessing ILO webGUI

      I have just inserted a new x6270 blade in my sun6000 chassi. We have only used X6250 blades in this chassi so far.

      I have configured the IP-address of the ILO-port on the blade. I can access that IP-address using SSH.

      But I can not access the ILO webpage!

      As seen below bott HTTP and HTTPS services are enabled.

      -> show http


      port = 80
      secureredirect = enabled
      servicestate = enabled

      -> show https

      port = 443
      servicestate = enabled

      The ILO versions on my system are:
      CMM =
      X6250 =
      X6270 =

      I believe these are all the latest ILO SW available.
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          To get around problem of x6270 Blades BUI not working when
          ssh functions correctly the firmware needs to be reflashed.

          Refer to the document
          Sun™ Integrated Lights Out
          Manager (ILOM) 3.0
          CLI Procedures Guide

          This will provide instructions to download firmware and cli procedure
          to reflash firmware. - follow procedure to upgrade firmware to
          relash same revision.