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    how do I upgrade to the x6250 firmware bundle 3.1


      i am trying to upgrade the ILOM of the sun blade x6250 to the newest firmware

      i downloaded the firmware-3.1-x6250.zip file of the Sun Blade X6250 Server Module 3.1

      successfully upgraded from ELOM to ILOM according to the procedure described in the included ELOM to ILOM Migration user guide

      now the system info says: SP Firmware Version SP Firmware Build Number     39809

      i want to upgrade to the BIOS version 3B23 and ILOM version ILOM build 48614

      i cannot find in the firmware-3.1-x6250.zip file any IMA or PKG file to upgrade via the web interface according to the procedure described in SUN documentation

      HOW can I do it then? and WHAT file do I use?